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MSI MedServ International                                                                          MSI Serviceablauf
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of rigid and flexible endoscopes                                                      
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Repair service:

Collection/ delivery:  
Our delivery service picks up defective devices throughout Germany on the same day of malfunction message. The shipment of the repaired device is also carried out by express delivery. We assure you prompt repairs.

If necessary we provide you with a loaner as quickly as possible.

MSI Ansprechperson

Customer Service:
Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service-Team.

Our performances:
>> Analysis of defects
>> Detailed cost estimate
>> Repair of rigid and flexible endoscopes

>> We annually repair more than 5000 medical devices
>> Short delivery times
>> Big pool of more than 200 loaner endoscopes


If you have a defective device and you would like to send it to MSI   
 - no problem -    here is what you have to do …

1.      You send your defective device to MSI.
          If you need a loaner please call our Customer Service Team in order to check the availability in advance.

2.     Shipment of the defective device...
With the shipment of an endoscope the requirement is that the device is properly packed, i.e. that the
        device is put into a protection sheet in the suitcase. If you should not have a protection sheet, we ask you
         to please mark this on the suitcase of the device and to please additionally indicate this on your delivery

         For further defective devices, please call us for our „Additional Service Card “ and protection sheets.

         Tel.: +49 (0) 7552/ 936 570

3.     Your defective device has arrived at MSI...
          After receipt of the defective device we carry out a analysis of the damage. Within 3 days you will receive a           cost estimate without obligation and free of charge. On the basis of this cost estimate you decide if we               should carry out the repair or not. If you should have further questions please do not hesitate to contact               our Customer Service Team.

4.     If you need a loaner for a flexible endoscope...
        Please contact our Customer Service Team.
        According to requirements, a suitable loaner will be reserved for you. Loaners will be supplied without                 accessories (set of valves or water protection cap).

        If you should need accessories please inform us.

         Expense of one loaner = 109,-€

         If you send us a defective device for repair these costs have to be paid once.
         If you do not send a repair but should need a loaner nevertheless, the expense will be individually                        calculated.

5.    The device should be repaired by MSI...
         Please send us the cost estimate approved by your signature via fax. After receipt of the approved cost
         estimate we will send you an order confirmation with delivery date. The repair will be carried out
         Fax +49 (0) 7552/ 936 569

6.    After each repair…
         With your repaired endoscope you additionally receive:
          -    Repair statement
          -    Inspection sheet
          -    Shipping document
          -    Additional Service Card
          -    Protection sheet

7.    Your contact persons in our Customer-Service-Team:     

         please click hereMSI Rosario Renna